Pilates - Feeling great progress

This class has helped with managing my lower back pain as I have improved my strength and control.


This really came to fruition whilst skiing when I engaged different muscle groups to stave off muscle fatigue.


Very happy with this progress. Thanks Sarah

Alex H.

Yoga - So happy I went along

As a certain Strictly person would say A-MAZ-ING.

My 1st Level 1 class after the workshops and it was great.


If you’ve not tried yoga before and are curious, give it a go.


As a 50-something who waited ages to pluck up the courage, I’m so glad I went for it.

Robert S.

I have improved so much...

I love the welcome, expertise, relaxation, strengthening, flexibility and overall wellbeing.


I have travelled from 0-100% in the 6 months that I have been coming to Space.


Many thanks.


Nicky B.

Slide Pilates - Great challenge

Excellent class.


The introduction of the slide discs made it challenging but still really enjoyable.

Gemma R.

Pilates - Impressed with the quality of teaching

I absolutely loved all my classes with Sarah.


As a regular at Pilates in Melbourne, I attended a few of Sarah’s classes whilst on holiday and I was amazed at the difference.


The focus, support and form was much more personal than I’ve experienced before. Her attention to each individual and ensuring correct positions was fantastic, helped by the classes being smaller numbers.


The classes flowed wonderfully and I would love to continue my classes with Sarah!

Natalie P.

Yoga - I can now touch my toes!

I cannot tell you how much yoga at Space has changed my health and mindset.


Having struggled with my flexibility and backache I now find I look forward to Tuesday evenings as the highlight of my week.


I can now touch my toes, something I haven’t been able to do in years.

Susan S.

Tai Chi - I feel energised and positive

I did Emelia’s Tai Chi Retreat Day - which was fantastic - and since then I try and go most weeks to her class. 


I love the Qigong exercises at the beginning which is all about energy flow and rebalancing and then in the second part of the class we attempt to master the Thai Chi form.


I leave every session feeling energised and positive about the week ahead. 


I totally recommend Tai Chi for everyone.  I am lucky enough to go with my Mum and it is a lovely form of exercise to share.  Try it!’


Robbie GC.

Space - A special place

I love the peaceful feeling I get when I walk through the doors, the beautiful surroundings and the amazing instructors.


It really is a special place!


Susan S.

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