Hello, I'm Sarah.

I help people who know they have more to give, enjoy a fulfilling life, through a holistic approach to physical fitness and mental wellbeing.


Your dreams are important

We all have ambitions and with the right support, guidance and perspective, we can all achieve them, at any age - including you.


There’s real strength in life experience and you’re capable of more than you know.


That’s why I’m here, to help you challenge your perspectives, inspire your adventurous spirit and empower you to achieve your dreams, so you can live a life you love full of vitality.

Pilates Instructor Sarah Clough
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Energise Your Wellbeing

Whatever your fitness level, I’ll help you feel energised and empowered to achieve your goals.


Through my LIVE STRONG & THRIVE FITNESS PROGRAMME (LST) we’ll focus on Pilates-based workouts, low-impact cardio and stretch-work. At every stage, I’ll guide you through a series of controlled movements, designed to mindfully build your strength and resilience and reverse the ageing process.

Part of the joy of better wellbeing is in the journey and our supportive community will be your friends, there to cheer your progress in every session.


So, whether you’re venturing out of your comfort zone or striding forth into your next challenge, together we’ll have fun and build the foundations you need for a long, active and fulfilling life.

Love your life

You’re full of life and ready for a challenge, so let’s make the most of it and start living in a way that makes you feel good. Join our community of like-minded individuals and benefit from:

Online Classes

Join live classes from the comfort of your own home, or log in to the On Demand Studio and choose from a range of workouts at a time that suits you.


My live classes are all run over Zoom, which is simple to install and means that you can easily work out with your family and friends.

Support and celebration

Our community is the soul of our sessions and the support, education and positive energy they bring makes all the difference.


They’ll be your friends for the journey, there to cheer your highs and lift you from your lows every step of the way.

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Steady progress

My Live Strong & Thrive Fitness Programme (LST) is designed to improve your overall strength and resilience, so that you feel more agile, energised and inspired to live along, active and thriving life.

Positive energy

Feeling good begins in class.


Whether you’re energised and ready to go or need a boost, our classes and community will set you up for the rest of your day.

The Live Strong & Thrive Fitness Programme is for your you want to:
  • wake up each day feeling energised.

  • feel strong, powerful and eager to challenge yourself to do new things.

  • stay fit and healthy - free from age related diseases.

  • feel sexy, sassy and confident in your own skin.

  • feel happy.

  • live your life boldly and unapologetically.

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“Your online classes have been one of the very 'silverest' of silver linings in this awful year. I'm genuinely in awe of the sheer variety and range of movements we do in any one class and in the continued inventiveness of your approach.

Every lesson I get a little further towards understanding how my body works/doesn't work which is pretty miraculous. It may just be a small thing I glean each time but I suppose that's the point: bit by bit we re-engage and take control over our core, our balance (I can but hope!) and our coordination.”

— MARY —

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