Busy lives and having to constantly perform at our best eventually start having an effect on our minds and bodies. We want to offer you a real sanctuary away from your hectic everyday here in our calm studios at Space in Burley in Wharfedale.



Song Thai Spa offer traditional Thai massage therapies using warm aroma oils and hand-made herbal balms which bring many benefits to the body, mind and spirit.


Thai massage can improve the blood circulation, build muscle strength, relieve muscle tension, remove toxins from the muscle mass and increase joint mobility and flexibility.


Song and her team’s therapies can be gentle and soothing or deep-tissue depending on your requirements. They will discuss with you the best treatments to meetyour own particular circumstances and needs.


Enjoy a full body relaxing and rejuvenating massage, or if you are short on time opt for a neck and shoulder massage that will help to release stress and tension and restore a sense of serenity. 


with Ali Morpeth

Ali Morpeth is a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) and has worked on nutrition behaviour change for 15 years with everyone from private clients to some of the world’s biggest food manufacturers NGOs, and UN institutions. Her nutrition practice is based on delivering sustainable lifestyle change rather than short-term ‘diet’ advice.  

Ali has a Masters degree (MSc) and is also a qualified Nutrition Coach.

In her practice at Space, Ali offers Nutrition support to individuals, couples and to families.


An hour's appointment is £65 and Ali offers appointment 'bundles' with a 10% discount for those booking in for multiple sessions.

Ali also runs lots of fascinating workshops over the course of the year which are £25 per person.



Kate Chearman has joined the team at Space and besides Pilates she also offers physiotherapy.

She graduated from Manchester University with a BSC (tons) in Physiotherapy in 1998 and has more than 20 years experience working both in the NHS and Private sector working with leading consultants in:


  • Injury treatment and rehabilitation with specific exercise therapy

  • Back and neck pain

  • Pre and post-operative hip and knee replacements and recovery of sprains and fractures

  • Fibromyalgia (pain, tiredness and muscle stiffness)

  • Women's health


Kate uses a range of treatment techniques including soft tissue release, massage, spinal mobilisations and manipulation. Since becoming a mother Kate worked in the NHS as a Women’s health Physiotherapist and teaches post-natal Pilates (APPI intermediate to advanced Pilates instructor).


Prior to becoming a physiotherapist Kate trained at the Northern Ballet School and has a special interest in the prevention of injury with postural correction and Pilates. Her aim is to help individuals return to natural, effective, functional movement and a healthy, happy, pain-free life.

A one hour physiotherapy session costs £45.


Hypno-birthing combines relaxation, breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, visualisation and positive affirmations in addition to a full labour and birth preparation course.


These sessions will provide you with valuable tools for the rest of life.


Susan Saville, a qualified midwife with nearly 30 years experience of supporting women in pregnancy, birth and new motherhood, offers hypno-birthing and relaxation sessions that provide parents with the tools to navigate labour, birth and new parenthood positively, no matter what type of birth they have.


During the sessions you will experience total relaxation using hypnobirthing, breathing techniques and mindfulness before floating home feeling relaxed and recharged.



Reflexology is a holistic therapy that can help you to restore balance and harmony in the body as well as releasing tension.


After a foot massage, the therapist will work on points on your feet that correspond with specific organs, bones and body systems.


Reflexology is an ancient therapy whereby your therapist works on the reflex points on the soles of your feet to restore balance in your body.


Start looking forward to your treatment already now, it will begin and end with a wonderful foot massage.

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