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 Meet The Professionals

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The Valley Clinic
Steph Knight
MSCP, HPCP, POGP,  Pelvic Muscle Control Specialist Physiotherapist 
Liz Blizzard
MSCP, HPCP, AACP  Director and Lead Physiotherapist at The Valley Clinic

Launched in Ilkley in 2008, The Valley Clinic offers physiotherapy and much more. In addition to physiotherapy, which manages musculoskeletal conditions such as back and neck pain, joint pains, muscle strains, arthritic conditions, headaches and sports injuries, we offer a variety of other treatments and therapies which can complement the physiotherapy and can enhance wellbeing. All of our physiotherapists are also skilled in acupuncture. Some people attend the clinic for one type of therapy, while others find they benefit from a combination.

Pregnancy and Post-natal Care:

The team at The Valley Clinic can provide physiotherapy, advice and an individualised exercise programme to expectant mums. Specialist physiotherapist, Steph Knight supports women after pregnancy and childbirth to optimise pelvic floor strength and control.


The Post-natal Pelvic Floor MOT involves assessment, exercises and advice on return to full activities.

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For further information and booking, please contact The Valley Clinic directly:
Tel: 01943 604 560
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