• Susan Saville

Why Hypnobirthing?

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word birth?

I'd guess for many women it would be PAIN.



These things and many more are what I hear all the time as a Midwife talking to pregnant women about birth.

But why? - Does it really have to be like that?

Well if I was to say that our amazing bodies were designed perfectly to birth our babies calmly and positively, would you believe me?

Would you believe me if I told you that time and time again I have witnessed women birthing with confidence, calmness and strength and later report that they actually enjoyed their labour, not just the end-product?

The trouble with life in the 21st century is that we are constantly being bombarded with messages about birth-and they're usually negative.

Who watches One born every minute? A programme edited to show all the scary, painful, gory bits with plenty of screaming and emergencies thrown in for good measure.

Do you really think that tv companies would show a programme about a calm, relaxed labouring woman breathing calmly through her surges for hours on end? NO!! Because it doesn't make good entertainment, that's why!

How many of you, when announcing your pregnancy to family and friends were inundated with women wanting to tell you their horror-stories about their labours and births?

No wonder women have an innate fear of the whole birthing process.

Use the Power of Your Mind

I am here to tell you that there IS another way-birth does not need to be horrific!

It CAN be calm!

Isn't that great news?

Our bodies are designed to have babies, we have all we need to achieve a positive birth, whatever type of birth that is. We just need to prepare in a different way.

So instead of listening to the horror stories and watching the scary births on TV and films, we can choose to prepare our minds and bodies, shifting the emphasis from negative to positive, learning how to use the power of our mind by learning techniques which will totally transform our experience of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Practice techniques for calmness

A word of caution:Hypnobirthing is not a ticket to a straightforward normal birth (whatever that is!) in fact I have supported many women who have used the techniques and had different interventions and assisted births. However, hypnobirthing gave them the tools to navigate the new direction they had taken resulting in more confidence, less fear and overall a positive experience.

My experiences of Hypnobirthing have shown me time and time again that women have everything they need to birth calmly-they just need to be shown how to access that power, be taught the techniques and then practice, practice, practice.

A Hypnobirthing course will give you tools to prepare

If I was to run a marathon, I would put months of effort into not only my physical preparation but also my mental and emotional preparation. The same should be true for preparing for the birth of a baby-perhaps the most life-changing event any of us ever go through.

So, let's stop feeding our minds with the negative stories-let's stop feeding the fear and if you are reading this when you are pregnant, I really recommend you do a hypnobirthing course- it's down-to-earth, modern, no-nonsense and most importantly, delivers the goods!

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