Maximising Wellbeing and Happiness Through Midlife

Various studies have shown us that we’re at our unhappiest in middle age, however, there are also a lot of stories that prove that midlife is a time when we should embrace change and try things we’ve never tried before, pursuing an interest we may have abandoned over the years, or an ambition we always meant to fulfil.

I have had the pleasure of meeting an incredibly inspiring and lovely person, Jo Moseley, from Skipton who has opened my eyes as to how we can take full control of our lives and turn them around to live a happy and fulfilling lifestyle during midlife and beyond. Sit back and get ready to be amazed by Jo's story.

Jo Moseley, 55, is a Mum of two sons, aged 23 & 19, flying solo with them for the last 13 years. They live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. She describes herself as a beach cleaner, joy encourager & midlife adventurer.

In August 2019, Jo became the first woman to SUP (stand up paddleboard) coast to coast 162 miles along the Leeds Liverpool Canal, picking up litter & fundraising.  She loves writing, speaking about adventure and wellbeing and making tiny films about the joy of the outdoors for our mental health after losing her Mum and a difficult menopause. Her films Finding Joy and Found at Sea have both won awards.

Alongside her lovely day job, Jo teaches hydro jog at Craven Leisure in Skipton and plans to train as a paddleboard instructor to share the joy of SUP with other women. 

You can find out more at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @healthyhappy50. 

What made you decide to change your lifestyle?

Bursting into tears in Tesco’s Skipton in the biscuit aisle with my two sons!

It was May 2013, I was 48, overwhelmed, anxious and desperate for a good night’s sleep. Sobbing, I dropped my bags, looked at the chocolate Hob Nobs and thought “how did my life come to this?”. 

I didn’t realise it at the time but as well as being a busy single Mum and trying to support my parents who were both undergoing chemotherapy, I was also experiencing symptoms of the perimenopause. 

How did you get started - what did you do?

I mentioned what had happened to a girlfriend and she asked how much exercise I did. She knew the answer already! Not much and certainly nothing on a regular basis. She lent me an old rowing machine that was otherwise destined for the tip, saying that exercise might help me sleep. Within two weeks of rowing in my kitchen, I was sleeping through the night again and my life was brighter and better!