Ideas For This Year's Christmas Table

It can be a lovely wellbeing exercise to plan and decorate the Christmas table. Even if it's looking like there will be fewer people around the table this year, there is no reason why you can't go full out and be creative with your table setting decorations. Mixing new with old and bought with handmade can make a real feast for the eyes and create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

I've taken a look at what's trending at the moment to kick start your inspiration and ideas generation.

I'm starting this visual journey off with my heritage - Scandi Style.

Scandi Style

In Scandinavia, it's said that Christmas time is a celebration of our darkest months being over and the light is creeping back into our lives. This table is setting the scene to welcome spring with fresh flowers and a light colour scheme complimented with soft blues.


Lovely and simplistic - a mini tree for each person.


Elegant and sophisticated with lots of greenery. Such a beautiful centrepiece and using blue napkins to pick out the colour of the berries is a nice change which goes well with a touch of silver.


Here are some quick ideas that can easily be recreated without spending a lot of money. I like the natural feel of it all and thought using the paper bags was a great idea - and love the candles wrapped in greenery. Source:

Traditional but not as we know it

Loving these earthy tones with greys, stoneware and black softened by the natural garland and the soft pink candles. A refreshing change.


Natural and Sophisticated

The rustic wreath and the window sill filled with greenery from the garden makes a beautiful backdrop to the Christmas table that has been set simply with lovely linen, glass hurricanes, golden glass candle holders and more greenery. Love it! - and the gingham ribbons on the wreath makes me think of home (Denmark).


There are a couple more great ideas from GoodHouseKeeping I thought were worth sharing with you as they are so simple and easy to do. I especially like the idea of recycling wine bottles and wrapping them with pretty paper and bows.

Minimalist and elegant

So simplistic and pretty, paper trees with little stars and garlands of paper stars. The subtle colour scheme gives it a soft and elegant feel.


You can't go wrong with traditional

The lovely red glasses areare set off beautifully by the pretty linen napkins and table runner. The moss table runner adds a touch of nature and compliments the centrepiece with rattan baubles and pine cones.


I could go on and on as there are so many wonderful ideas out there, but I'm going to finish off with another take on traditional. The twinkling fairy lights in the garlands of greenery and pine cones set off the gold-coated plates and the shiny burgundy Christmas crackers. I like the dried orange slices in the garlands which are matched in the scented candle.


I don't know about you but I feel so inspired now after having looked at lots of ideas for my Christmas table. I haven't decided what I'm going to go with yet, but I quite like the idea of trying a different colour scheme this year - I think I'll really go full out with bringing nature to the table this year.

- actually just finding these ideas has been a nice wellbeing exercise that has left me happy, positive and really looking forward to Christmas.

Have fun!

We’d love to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas.

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