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Anisa Lewis Positive Parenting Coach
Anisa Lewis

Helping you to create happy and healthy families is Anisa's passion. As a parenting coach with over 20 years experience supporting and working with families, Anisa empowers you with the skills, know how and a down to earth attitude to raise confident kids with a positive and resilient attitude, no matter what the challenge and stage of their development.


Anisa hosts talks on different parenting themes, delves deeper into different parenting topics with you during workshops and works 1:1 with parents should you wish a more tailored and individualised approach.  

I am known to many as a creative, organised, fun loving mummy, wife and friend. I have made it to 42 without ever watching an episode of Game of Thrones, I have been a mummy for 11 years and a wife for 12. Ultimately though, I am a work in progress, always striving for excellence.

I love eating broccoli and rice, and am the worst Australian ever as I am not a huge fan of sand! Although, I currently reside in England (West Yorkshire), where my Australian spirit and down to earth nature shines through.

I am one of those annoying people whose glass is not half full or half empty but rather it is refillable and can always find a positive in any situation.

My back ground is a very international one having been born in Hong Kong, and then lived in England, Australia, Spain and Colombia and travelled to many interesting countries. I consider myself a global citizen!

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For further information and booking, please contact Anisa Lewis directly:
Tel: 07792 176 888
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