Pilates Core

This class will help you if you suffer from ongoing back pain with its focus on using equipment to destabilise you during exercises so activating the deep core muscles.

Duration: 60 mins

Intensity: Low/Medium

Impact: Low Impact

What is Pilates Core?

Our physiotherapist led Pilates Core class uses equipment to destabilise you during exercises which helps to activate the deep core stabilisers and the pelvic floor muscles. It is low impact and ideal for ongoing back pain, post-natal recovery and chronic instability issues.

Benefits of Pilates Core:

  • Improve posture and core strength

  • Increase flexibility and mobility

  • Increase strength

  • Improve muscle tone

  • Improve balance and coordination

  • A greater awareness of your body

  • Reduce incidences of back pain

  • Help prevent or rehabilitate from injury

What do I need to bring?

All equipment and drinking water is provided but should you wish to bring your own water bottle a water filter machine is available for refills. Please help us to protect the environment by not using single use plastic bottles.

Please wear grip Pilates socks and comfortable clothes (no belts or zips please as they can make some exercises uncomfortable and damage our mats!).

Make sure the clothes you wear are not too baggy, however, as we need to look at your form.

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