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LFW Podiatry
Lynda Forbes-Kelly
BSc (Hons)  MChS, HCPC
Registered Podiatrist

LFW Podiatry began in 2011 after I graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Podiatric Medicine.  Over the last few years I have grown the business from being just myself to a team of 8, this being made up of myself and two other HCPC Registered Podiatrists, Helen Holmes and Helena Meally,  Reflexologist Joy Kelly, Sports Massage and Myofascial release therapist Dan Ward as well as being supported by Receptionists / Admin team Chris Wells, Lesley Redmond and Lisa Thompson.  We have also moved premises from a little clinic on Main Street to Burley Grange as well as opening our flagship clinic in Ilkley.  We were also delighted back in March this year when we won the Ilkley Business award for best Health and Beauty Business 2019.


As Podiatrists we have studied not only the health of the foot but it's structure, function and gait analysis.  We are licensed to administer local anaesthetics, certain prescription only medicines as well as being highly regulated health professionals.  Everyday we meet patients with foot pain and diagnose the cause and put together a treatment plan to help keep people mobile, doing the things they love and more importantly aiming to minimise injury risk and falls prevention as we age.  Currently our youngest patient is 3 and our eldest 103, that's 100 years of footcare starting with the very young, all through the developmental years, puberty and into adult hood.  We see many things happening to the body at times of hormonal changes especially during puberty and pregnancy.


During pregnancy the body is changing rapidly, ligaments soften in preparation for birth and this also affects the ligaments in the feet, especially as weight increases.  Often the feet become swollen, wider, can feel hot, changes to the skin can occur such as callus and corn formation.  As the baby grows, reaching your feet can be problematic and again we can help by offering routine treatments to ensure your feet are in tip top condition and discuss any footpain you may have.  Similarly you may experience a change in the vascular system due to the pressure of the pregnancy, you may develop varicose veins and at LFW Podiatry we can discuss all of these concerns with you as you prepare to meet your baby.  


As a Mum of four children myself, I have first hand experience of pregnancies, children's feet, when to worry and when not to worry.  Coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the foot and ankle from birth and all through life, Podiatrists are the 'go to' people with all foot related issues. 


As well as helping  Mums to be, with any foot concern they may have, we have been busy putting together an interview with Stray FM on children's feet from birth to 11 as well as preparing health promotional material which will be available in our clinics shortly.

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