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Joy Kelly
Reflexologist ITEC
Member of the Complementary Therapist Association

Joy has been a complementary therapist for approx. 10 years and says she is very happy to be bringing her experience as a Reflexologist to participate in MumsHub at The Grange. 

‘Reflexology is a holistic therapy dating back to ancient times and is based on the theory that by working the reflexes on the soles of the feet we can bring about a balance in the body.  It treats the receiver on both a physical and emotional level and is usually an extremely relaxing experience’. 

Joy has given Reflexology for fertility and also to expectant & new Mums and believes that treatments are important in providing much needed relaxation time when you need it most.


Pregnancy and parenthood are both wonderful experiences - but they do bring challenges!


If you are suffering with nausea and are feeling tired and uncomfortable - or are struggling with lack of sleep, why not treat yourself to some R&R? Clients usually either fall asleep or drift into a lovely state of relaxation during treatments - the only thing needed from you is to take your socks off and forget everything else! 

Reflexology boosts the body’s immune system and can help to relieve stress-related problems such as poor sleep patterns, headaches and anxiety.  It can also help with digestion, muscle & sinus pain & many other problems.

Joy is also a qualified Baby Massage instructor and has worked with Mums of Early Years SEN children in a Children’s Centre in Bradford.  She has 3 ‘step’ grandchildren who as babies had lots of Massage and Reflexology which they still love as they grow older. 


Joy believes in the healing power of touch and says after all these years she is still sometimes astounded in the calming and rejuvenating effect Reflexology can bring.

MumsHub Member Benefits:
£5 discount (off the normal £40 fee) on any initial 1hr 15mins Reflexology session.
For further information and booking, please contact LFW Podiatry directly:
Tel:  01943 863733 / 07785 753197