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My Journey

I’ve always loved the mindful strength work of Pilates, but it was only when I made the decision to inspire the fitness of others full-time that I stepped into my true self.

Whilst holidaying in Turkey and just before my 50th birthday, I made the choice to leave my stressful and rather demanding job in fashion and follow my dreams of working in wellness.


That holiday, every day was a blessing of cloudless skies and Pilates classes held by the beach, to the sounds of gentle waves.

After a long time of knowing I had so much more to give, I was inspired. It was as though my body and mind had opened up with the skies and I was suddenly in tune with everything I could achieve. It felt so liberating.

But then doubt set in – was this really a good time to try something new? Guided by the positive energy and support of my family and friends, I realised the answer was, YES - because dreams are for all ages.

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A thriving life
begins with you

Through improving my physical fitness, challenging my mental perspectives and gaining my qualifications, I’ve welcomed a new world of energising opportunities.

They’ve inspired me to try more new things, enjoy more new experiences and feel confident too.

I know what it’s like to still have ambitions, but feel uncertain about taking the first step. Sometimes all it takes is a little support from someone you know you can trust.


There’s more to life and I want to help you achieve your dreams, just like I achieved mine. My community of family and friends were my biggest support throughout my journey and now I want to be yours.

You are capable

You’re full of life, ready for a challenge and more capable than you know. You just might not believe it yet. That’s why I’m here, alongside our supportive community - to inspire your adventurous spirit and empower you to achieve your dreams, while having fun along the way.

My Pilates-based classes will help you:

I’ve welcomed a new world of energising opportunities and I'd like to do the same for you.

  • Build the foundations you need for a long, active and thriving life.

  • Feel strong, energised and confident.

  • Empower you to fulfil your ambitions.

I’m determined that the next 30 plus years are going to be some of the best I’ve ever lived.


Join me and let’s achieve our dreams together.

Wellness Expert Sarah Clough
Image by Gaby Yerden


Brilliant (sweaty) 30 minute Cardio session to start my day off.

Thanks Sarah : - )

— A.S —